What is a kelp forest, and why are they important?

Kelp forests line about a quarter of the worlds cold and temperate coastlines, thriving in cold, nutrient-rich waters. These coastal habitats support a surprising diversity of sea life and are one of the oceans most diverse ecosystems according to Oceana, but there is more to these underappreciated ecosystems than meets the eye.

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The Ocean Panel – an ambitious plan to protect the world’s oceans (and an announcement!)

“The living world cannot operate without a healthy ocean, and neither can we”

David Attenborough

This is a sentiment evidently shared by the 14 countries of the Ocean Panel, who announced ambitious plans to sustainably manage 100% of the oceans under their national jurisdictions by 2025. This announcement comes at a pivotal moment in the climate crisis and is a welcome spark of hope and positive news for measurable change.

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