Metamorphosis: from aquatic juveniles to terrestrial adults

Here in the UK, the weather has warmed up and spring has arrived. Daffodils and crocuses have bloomed, lambs have been bouncing around the fields, and tadpoles can be seen in the ponds. The metamorphosis of tadpoles into froglets is a spectacular transformation during which almost every organ is subject to modification, and it’s this process we’ll be diving into in this article.

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Caterpillar Metamorphosis – more gruesome than you think

I started researching this at the request of a good friend, who was amazed by some reading they had done around it. When they asked what I knew about metamorphosis I had to admit fairly little – my knowledge faltered after “there was a very hungry caterpillar who stuffed himself with leaves”. We’re told as children that the caterpillar eats until it’s full, spins itself a cocoon, has a sleep, then emerges as a beautiful butterfly. To be honest, the truth is a little more gruesome so maybe best to leave it at that for children. Read More »