The sea anemone: an underrated voracious predator

Sea anemones are often overlooked, seen as the pretty but uninteresting sidekick for the clownfish that waft around in the currents not doing a lot… but in reality sea anemones are not to be underestimated. From willingly tearing themselves in half repeatedly to form a clone army, to detaching from the sea floor and swimming around and forming clever mutualistic partnerships, sea anemones have a lot more to them than initially meets the eye.

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The physics-hacking lizards that can drink water simply by touching it

There are organisms on Earth that don’t need sunlight to survive, some don’t even need oxygen, but all living things on this green and blue planet need water.

This need for water isn’t a problem when your environment has an abundance of it, but for those in drier climates they have had to adapt more inventive ways to survive, with some lizards being able to drink water simply by touching it.

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