3 months to go – what I have learned so far from training for a half marathon

This is a slight departure from the science posts, but I wanted to write about my experiences so far of training for a half marathon. I am in my third month of training with less than 2.5 months left until race day (17th May), and wow has it has been a steep learning curve… I am so excited to be running to raise money for CRUK, and I’ve learned some lessons along the way that I wanted to share for fellow newbie runners, and to say YOU CAN DO IT.

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The physics-hacking lizards that can drink water simply by touching it

There are organisms on Earth that don’t need sunlight to survive, some don’t even need oxygen, but all living things on this green and blue planet need water.

This need for water isn’t a problem when your environment has an abundance of it, but for those in drier climates they have had to adapt more inventive ways to survive, with some lizards being able to drink water simply by touching it.

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The Australian wildfire crisis – how you can help

Australia is facing one of the most destructive and catastrophic bushfire seasons in the past decade. Peoples lives have been taken and so many are still in danger, over 1.25 billion animals are estimated to have been lost since the fires started in September, plant biodiversity is rapidly being lost and the landscape will be scarred. The devastation is evident and the crisis is ongoing, but you are not helpless – here is how you can help.

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