What is a kelp forest, and why are they important?

Kelp forests line about a quarter of the worlds cold and temperate coastlines, thriving in cold, nutrient-rich waters. These coastal habitats support a surprising diversity of sea life and are one of the oceans most diverse ecosystems according to Oceana, but there is more to these underappreciated ecosystems than meets the eye.

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The Ocean Panel – an ambitious plan to protect the world’s oceans (and an announcement!)

“The living world cannot operate without a healthy ocean, and neither can we”

David Attenborough

This is a sentiment evidently shared by the 14 countries of the Ocean Panel, who announced ambitious plans to sustainably manage 100% of the oceans under their national jurisdictions by 2025. This announcement comes at a pivotal moment in the climate crisis and is a welcome spark of hope and positive news for measurable change.

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Rewilding Britain 2020

Rewilding is a movement where efforts are concentrated on restoring the landscapes natural processes, eventually trying to create ecosystems that don’t require as much human management and giving space for nature to thrive on its own. Part of the rewilding process is to reintroduce key species that can help restore a more stable ecosystem. 2020 has seen some fantastic reintroduction projects with many more planned for the new year, and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the remarkable stories in the UK and those to look forward to in the years to come.

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The Australian wildfire crisis – how you can help

Australia is facing one of the most destructive and catastrophic bushfire seasons in the past decade. Peoples lives have been taken and so many are still in danger, over 1.25 billion animals are estimated to have been lost since the fires started in September, plant biodiversity is rapidly being lost and the landscape will be scarred. The devastation is evident and the crisis is ongoing, but you are not helpless – here is how you can help.

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2018 Reflection

There have been some incredible scientific discoveries this past year, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some discoveries I did not get time to cover. From revolutionary cancer tests, to a completely new neuron being discovered, here are some of the wonderful discoveries of 2018.


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How CRISPR can save our coral reefs

Coral reefs are incredible ecosystems home to hundreds of thousands of species, but unfortunately, they have been absolutely devastated in recent decades. Warming ocean temperatures, pollution, ocean acidification, overfishing, the list goes on, and we are now faced with the very real prospect that we could lose an entire ecosystem.

Half of the worlds coral reefs have disappeared over the last 30 years, a fact which has become a rallying cry to researchers. Today I am going to explore how some are utilising genetic engineering to tip the scales. Read More »

A possible solution to Plastic pollution – PET degrading enzymes and the plastic pact

Last month an exciting scientific paper was published that coincided with several new policies centring around reforming the UK’s plastic consumption. The paper was titled “Characterization and engineering of a plastic-degrading aromatic polyesterase” and has caused quite a stir with everyone getting excited about this promising discovery, and what it could mean for the very prominent plastic issue which is in the public eye. Read More »